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Spark and Fire

About Spark & Fire

Fuel your creativity.

Spark and Fire is a WaitWhat Original

Spark & Fire celebrates the journeys of the world’s most admired creatives — turning the abstract idea of the “creative process” into a captivating, edge-of-your-seat hero’s journey. Told entirely in the artist’s own words, you’ll hear what was happening in their minds as they brought their iconic work to life. And, along the way, you’ll gain specific, actionable insights into your own creative practice.

Every episode is crafted to fuel your creative journey.

For stories and lessons from legendary creators – including Domee Shi (Director, Turning Red), Mark Bradford (Visual Artist, Unicorn Tapestries), Isabelle Allende (Novelist, The House of the Spirits), Rian Johnson (Director, Knives Out), Yo-Yo Ma (Composer, The Silk Road Project), Kamilah Forbes (Executive Producer, The Apollo Theater), Randall Park (Actor, Always Be My Maybe), and more – follow Spark & Fire in your favorite podcast player.