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About Spark & Fire

A podcast that unlocks creativity and innovation. In each episode, a legendary creator shares the story behind their most iconic work, demystifying the creative process. Whatever your field — whether you’re a creative artist or a creative leader — you’ll find techniques and takeaways for your own work. 

For two years running, episodes of Spark & Fire have been chosen by the Webby Awards as one of the 5 most extraordinary individual podcast episodes of the year — among many other honors.

Spark & Fire is a WaitWhat original in partnership with the BBC.

Our executive producers are Chris McLeod, June Cohen, and the BBC.

Our senior producer is Timothy Lou Ly. Our story editor is Juliette Luini. Katharine Clark Gray is our contributing editor. Music composed by Eduardo Rivera. Our Music Director is Ryan Holladay. Hil Jaeger composed our theme. Mixing and mastering by Bryan Pugh. Additional audio engineering and editing by Keith J. Nelson.

Special thanks to Lori Hoffman, Deron Triff, Anna Pizzino, Sarah Tarter, Colin Howarth, Emily McManus, Kelsie Saison, Justin Winslow, Tim Cronin, Lia Seremetis, Adam Hiner, Alfonso Bravo, Kiri Hart, George Kemble, and Chaurley Meneses.