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Spark and Fire

Always be iterating

Jack Conte, Musician
Nataly Dawn, Musician

Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte started the band Pomplamoose together in 2008. The band found success with their viral YouTube videos, which have hundreds of millions of views. And while we usually tell the story of a single work on this show, in this episode, Jack and Nataly share the story of the band itself. The story of Pomplamoose is one of constant iteration, which is a skill any creative can take into their own practice. As Nataly and Jack take you through the journey of Pomplamoose, you’ll hear how — through years of starts, stops, and iterations – they adapt what they make and how they make it so they’re able to keep creating — with everything life throws at them. You’ll see that in order to keep creating, you have to continually adapt your work to the conditions of your life.

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